Paramite G10 Blade

Product image 1Paramite G10 Blade
Product image 2Paramite G10 Blade
Product image 3Paramite G10 Blade
Product image 4Paramite G10 Blade
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G10 is a glass laminate material that is non ferrous, super light weight, and extra tough. Similar to carbon fiber in texture and use; this blade is not meant as a cutting tool but rather a self defense implement. It has good piercing power but little in the way of slicing. You will be able to do simple cuts such as opening a box or letter. 

Hand-Made by Tyler Lacor 

Sheath is made of thermoform Kydex -- it has a Nylon tension screw incorporated into the design. Simply tighten the nut to increase grip.


Material: G10 Glass Composite 

Blade Length: 4.15"

Overall Length: 7.65" (8.3" with sheath)

Thickness: 0.250"

Weight: 3 oz

Color: Bi-Color Blue & Black

Grind: Chisel

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