Product Care

To get the best out of your Cha-O-Ha products, it's important to take care good care of them. Here's what you need to know about the materials we use.

CPM S35VN Steel - EDC Card Standard, EDC Card Special Edition

Like any stainless steel, S35VN can resist corrosion up to a certain point. Very few steels are 100% rust proof, even if they say they are stainless. We recommend periodically applying to your uncoated EDC Card a 3 in 1 dry lube, then cleaning free before sticking back in your wallet. This will help prevent corrosion spots that can appear over time, as with any exposed steel. 

If your EDC Card comes in contact with salt water, we highly recommend you clean it with soap and warm water, rinse, then apply a 3 in 1 dry lube, then clean free to prevent the onset of corrosion.

Please Note: Uncoated EDC Cards may come shipped with a thin film of blasting media still on the steel, this can be rubbed off by hand, and this action gives the tool it's signature darkened patina.

CPM 3V Steel - EDC Card Slim

We use 3V steel on our Slim EDC Cards because of it's superior lateral strength abilities. 3V steel isn't particularly corrosion resistant, but it will hold up against the elements well if taken care of. We coat our Slim EDC Cards with a ZrN (Zirconium Nitride) PVD coating to provide some corrosion protection, but it is highly recommended to apply a layer of 3 in 1 dry lube periodically. We recommend you do this once a month to maintain it's corrosion resistance.  

Waxed Hemp - Forged D & Waxed Hemp Bracelet, Firestarter Bracelet

We use organic waxed hemp to wrap select bracelets with. Because it is a 100% natural and organic plant-based material, it will wear down with use and begin to fray over time. To keep your waxed hemp water resistant and increase it's longevity, we recommend that you periodically apply a waxed based protection product like Limb Saver. It will add wax back onto the hemp, keep it from fraying prematurely, and increase it's water resistance.

Mil-Spec - MIL-C-5040H & PIA-C-5040, Para-Cord 

Good quality para-cord is very strong and does not need a lot of care. the inner strands and shell are all very mildew and weather resistant. The only measure of concern for your bracelet would be exposing it to extreme high temperatures, as it could warp the cord and it may not be able to hold a full rated weight because of warping. Be cautious if you must use 550 para-cord in an emergency-rappel, or as a full body weight suspension device. We do not recommend you use para-cord as a life saving line as a first choice.

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