Here is the list of artists, designers and engineers, who's ideas and skills live in the products we make at Cha-O-Ha.


Designer, Engineer & Machinist based out of the UK.

Tofty has studied mechanical engineering at Portsmouth University, and worked in the Aeronautic, Defense and Mobility Industries. 

Specialty is 3D Printing: "My aim has always been to use additive manufacturing to help make fully functional objects, rather than just cosmetic ones."

Tofty has recently started up a small design consultancy, taking commissions and helping aspiring people to make their own designs and 3D models suitable for printing.

Amongst helping people, Tofty has his own line of products: Tritium Lanterns, functional jewelry and tools.You can find his work here:









Machinist based out of Singapore.

Ben Tan has a degree major in finance, but his true passion is shown through the beads, and everyday carry items he crafts by hand.

He learned on handed down milling machines from his father, and got the basics through a hands on approach. "It's pretty much the same as asking a mother how you cook your favorite dish. All she'll say is add a bit of this, a dash of that and it'll be alright. But you know it's much more than that." It takes talent.

Eclipsesharp has been turning out hand made beads and charms since 2012 and is expanding more each year. You can see his works here:


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