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Function-Form Function Morale Patch, Grey & Gold

Function-Form Function Morale Patch, Grey & Gold


This patch features the woven outline of our flagship tool: the EDC Card, with the augmented phrase: Function-Form, Function. Our play on words with the term "Form Function Form"

  • Woven on a Canvas Base With High Resolution, High Thread Count Rayon Thread
  • 2" Diameter Patch
  • Hook Velcro backing

The traditional design philosophy "Form Function Form" follows a credo that set the standard for building design. This patch is a play on that term—to elevate the meaning of Form to be on par with Function. We strive to make Function on par with Form; ultimately what this patch represents is our flagship tool the EDC Card, since it is a tool, it's ultimate objective is function, hence: Function-Form, Function.