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Function-Form Function Morale Patch, White & Black

Function-Form Function Morale Patch, White & Black


This patch features the woven outline of our flagship tool: the EDC Card, with the augmented phrase: Function-Form, Function. Our play on words with the term "Form Function Form"

  • Woven on a Canvas Base With High Resolution, High Thread Count Rayon Thread
  • 2" Diameter Patch
  • Hook Velcro backing

The traditional design philosophy "Form Function Form" follows a credo that in the past lent it's self to building design, and not particularly products... We wanted to play on that term—to elevate the meaning of Form to be on par with Function. We believe in making Function & Form together on the same level of care to detail, and since the end product featured on this patch is a tool, it ultimately ends with: Function. 

Function-Form, Function.