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The Cyclist Card is a patented, minimalist, lightweight, super tough multi-tool system, designed to accommodate your everyday cycling needs without weighing you down. 

The Cyclist Card is a two part multi-tool made to fulfill the need to fix or adjust your bike at a moments notice. It's compact, and can handle almost any adjustment—from setting your seat, to straightening a bent disc brake.

CPM S35VN Blade Steel

S35VN is a hard-wearing, high-end stainless blade steel designed to be as strong as possible without sacrificing edge retention, corrosion resistance, or machine-ability. The usage of this steel requires state of the art processes. It must be heat treated in a vacuum for uniformity, then cryogenically tempered multiple times for maximum durability and strength. Up to 58-60 HRC (Rockwell Hardness).

Why Don’t We Use Titanium?

We decided to stay away from titanium for usage in a hand tool. Titanium is a strong material, but it's much softer than S35VN. We’ve used S35VN because it brings a great balance of heft, strength, and longevity that titanium just doesn't have at this volume of material.


The credit card shape and size of the Cyclist Card makes it easy to carry with you on your ride in your wallet, saddle bag, pocket or keys.

    The Cyclist Card is designed to be as functional as it’s compact form will allow. It can handle most fixes, but is not meant to replace an Allen or Torx multi-tool set. That's why we designed a separate auxiliary tool to be used in tandem for multiple extra functions.

    The Auxiliary Tool

    The Auxiliary Tool is an additional accessory that gives you the ability to extend the leverage capabilities of the Cyclist Card. It also allows you to replace your Allen key multi-tool set by utilizing a retainer space to carry two 1/4" bits to replace Allen or Torx keys where needed.

    The Auxiliary Tool is made with 17-4PH steel. A high-grade, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel used in helicopter parts and knife-making. 

    Unique Features - Cyclist Card System

    • First of it's kind made with S35VN blade steel 
    • Upgraded tooth hex wrenches for superior range of use. This type of hex wrench grips a wider range of hexes than traditional types.
    • Modular: Utilizes 1/4" hex bit shanks + Auxiliary Tool for extra leverage w/ bit containers. 
    • TSA Compliant: No sharp edges & under 4” long.
    • Can be used handheld or with Auxiliary Tool extension for maximum torque.

    The Cyclist Card has 43+ functions designed to cover your bases of preparedness for your ride on the road or trail.

    Included tools:

    • Tire pry 
    • 15mm, 13mm, 10mm, standard hex wrenches
    • Two advanced hex wrench bodies capable for all size hexes: 3mm to 17mm ( or 1/8"- 43/64”). Twenty-nine wrenches total. Useful for vintage bikes and elsewhere.
    • Three spoke wrenches: 3.23mm, 3.3mm, 3.45mm
    • Truing fork to straighten bent disc brakes
    • Millimeter measure
    • #2 Philips and 3/16" X 1/32" flat head drivers 
    • 1/4" hex wrench. Doubles as modular bit system. Holds 1/4" bits.
    • Ports for auxiliary tool 
    • The all-important bottle opener

    Satisfaction with your purchase is our priority.

    We strive to make top quality utilitarian implements—at the best price possible. That's why we have a satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. If you're not happy with your product, you may return it for a full refund or replacement.

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